Sunday, September 18, 2011

Get your TOMS on, its time for SPARKCON!

Yesterday we went to Raleigh,NC to check out downtown and stumbled upon "sparkcon" which is sort of a College Street Art Fair with interpretive dancing, live music, art displays and various other things to make you feel completely out of touch with what all the "cool" young people are doing.

I came armed with my GF snack bag and an apple, but that still did not prepaired me for the scent of Funnel Cakes wafting thorugh the crowd. I swear, I can smell that junk a mile away- so since I am stupid and seem to have the memory of a goldfish, I had my sweet husband buy me a little piece of deep fried heaven. I plopped down on the street corner to indulge in my sin. Only three bits in and the cramps started...but "too late now...I'm half way there" I thought to myself as I finished off my half of the cake and quickly pushed the twinges of pain out if my mind.

Sure enough, that night, I'm skipping dinner and laying on the couch moaning and thinking guilt deflecting thoughts of "why didn't you stop me!!!" as I watch my husband clear off the table from dinner.

Carb addiction is a serious problem.

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