Sunday, September 18, 2011

In the beginning

I don't have Celiacs desease. I don't even officially have a gluten intolerance diganoises. All I know is that I feel like complete and total junk when I eat grain products.

I have been this way most of my life.

I remember as a child being force fed caster oil and being told I would develop hemorods because I spent too much time in the bathroom. I remember picking off the breading on my chicken nuggets, refusing hamburger buns and cringing at the sight of French Toast just to be told "you're weird."

In high school I swore off bread completely and with the new "Adkins diet" craze gaining steam it made life easier (and not so odd in North Texas) to avoid grain products. I managed to maintain a healthy weight, grow my nails out, finally get 'regular' and everything was awesome in life- until I got pregnant for the first time. I was informed by my dr that the baby "needed" grain products to grow properly, so being young, uneducated and below the poverty line, I scarfed up all the bread products that WIC and the Food Stamp program could throw at me.

During the pregnancy, I quickly gained 60+ pounds and felt miserable. Finally on Thanksgiving Day, 2003, tipping the scales at 198lb- I gave birth to my sweet first born son, "M."

Fast forward trough a divorce, weird auto immune liver disease diagnose, photosensitive allergy development, a new marriage, secondary infertility, the birth of another son, a heart crushng miss-carriage, tertiary infertility and about 40lbs I can't shake and you have me here now.

You've found me at a good time. I'm going home, back to my roots (no, I've not 'gone country')

I am going back gluten free, and here is my story.

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